The Law Offices of William O. Fowlkes, Esq. was established in 2004 as The Fowlkes Law Firm. It is the culmination of years of prayer, hard work, planning, and sacrifice! Our Mission, to provide excellent, unsurpassed legal services to individuals and businesses.  Therefore, we promise to deliver honest, effective, and skillful representation.  The Firm focuses it's practice on the areas of Criminal Defense and Civil Rights, but also has particular expertise in the application of Contracts Law, Constitutional law, Entertainment Law, and certain civil litigation matters.  Morever, the Firm develops and maintains a network of experienced attorneys in many different areas of legal practice in order to serve those who have legal issues that fall outside of our particular expertise.  Accordingly, we readily offer referrals to an appropriate attorney as available and whenever necessary.

The Firm also strives to promote education and learning in the communities we serve by providing legal seminars and other educational programs that address the rights of individuals, as granted by the United States Constitution.  In these seminars, we seek to inform our community on the Bill of Rights, Constitutional Amendments, and other laws as they relate to current events and everyday experiences.  We have done a series of seminars entitled Law and Order, New York, wherein we addressed street encounters with the police, how you should exert your Constitutional rights when you are confronted with a police officer who is intent on violating them, what is the best way for a community to ensure the police are not targeting innocent individuals with illegal tactics, and many others.  It is our hope that by having these educational forums where people can ask questions and share their experiences, we contribute to the growth, peace, and justice experienced in our community.

At The Fowlkes Law Firm outstanding customer service is the focus and key.  Meeting each clients' needs, answering their requests, and addressing their desires in light of the particular situation is of the utmost importance.  While the outcome of a particular case is never guaranteed, and indeed could not be, our firm strives to achieve the best outcome for our client in each and every case.  If we can't help you, no one can!

Call, fax, or email today and get the experience, initiative, innovation, and know how to solve your problem or address your question!

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WILLIAM O. FOWLKES, ESQ., Founder and Senior Attorney

The attorneys at the Law Offices of William Fowlkes serve clients in the Greater New York area including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, Nassau County and Suffolk County.

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